Haim Hiawi Nathaniel   

The Late Haim Hiawi Nathaniel
                              Company Founder 1914-1997
 Yigal Nathaniel, Owner and General Manager

The company’s general manager, Yigal Nathaniel, has over thirty years of experience in the company he has helped his father build. Yigal is the founder’s eldest son and has worked in the company since he was a teenager. He earned his bachelor’s degree (B.A.) in the social sciences at Tel-Aviv University. As a young man he obtained a customs agent license and continued to gain expertise in every aspect of the company’s operations, from A to Z. Yigal has been a member of the company management for many years and has served as general manager since 1997, when his father and mentor, Haim Nathaniel passed away.
Doron Nathaniel, Owner and Co-General Manager

Doron, the younger son of founder Haim Nathaniel, co-manages the company with his brother, Yigal. Doron brings a wealth of experience and expertise in the area of customs clearing. A senior customs agent, Doron has an impeccable track record in customs clearing which is a testament to his tremendous experience in the field. Doron leads the company’s customs clearing group and devotes a significant portion of his time to finding efficient, creative solutions for each customer and freight delivery.

Haim Nathaniel Ltd.  Reliability, Knowledge, a Legacy of Service.

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