The term "A LOGISTIC GIANT" did not extist at the time when Haim Natanel began transporting inland mail to and from the British Empire in Iraq. A service performed according to rights granted to him by the ruling goverment.
He extended his services beyond the Israel borders and
established the Route from Iraq to Israel via Marpak quman. samakh up to Haifa.
Norman A.Cohen  documented the route of Haim Nathaniel in his article "The land mail" which was published in his  book "The landmail via the vast Iraq syrian desert "(1990) .According to Cohen, Haim Nathaniel was an agent who provided transport services by trucks in Iraq between Iraq,Iran, Syria and Lebanon.. Legacy

The adjacent photographs document the trucks of Haim Nathaniel near the Walls of Jerusalem in front of the Ottoman Empire railway station in the city. 
In those years, Haim Nathaniel Senior employed family members among them, Haim Nathaniel, named ofter his grandfather. During his employment he travelled frequently to Israel and towards the late 1930's he left  Iraq and settled permanently in Israel.
Legacy Legacy
The present Hiam Nathaniel Ltd was started in 1945 in Israel by mr. Haim Nathaniel in continuation of the original company in Iraq. He was registeregas a certifieg custom clearance agent by the British mandate andlater by the state of Israel.
                                         The Late Haim Hiawi Nathaniel

                                   The Late Haim Hiawi Nathaniel
                                     Company Founder 1914-1997
 Haim Nathaniel Ltd.   Reliability, Knowledge, a Legacy of Service.

(Customs clearing & int'l forwarding/
Import/Export/Customs Clearing/Regulatory Licensing/Freight Insurance)