Company Profile

International Forwarding Pioneers
As far back as 1929 Haim H. Nathaniel carried the British Empire’s overland mail in the Middle East. Haim Nathaniel Ltd., Israel’s most experienced and longest standing customs clearing agent, is an extension of this family legacy, established in Tel-Aviv in 1945.

Service and Technology Leaders
The pioneering spirit at Haim Nathaniel Ltd. has always brought our customers the most advanced services. Recently, we have embarked on the integration of one of the most advanced information systems in the field of international forwarding and logistics. This new system will enable us to deliver our advanced services even more efficiently than ever before, without sacrificing the personal touch of a family business.

Our Services Include:
• International shipping from door to door
    -   to and from Israel
• Process regulatory and standards requirements
    -   for importation to Israel
• Customs clearance at Israeli ports of entry
• Freight Insurance

Experience, Knowledge and Reliability
We owe our good name to the professional staff of Haim Nathaniel Ltd. Many of our professionals have a wealth of experience in this industry which empowers us to offer our customers solutions that are both practical and efficient. Day in, day out, our employees handle every order, every request and bureaucratic detail in a professional manner that is a direct continuation of the company’s legacy. The company’s accumulated knowledge base is tremendous, such that we have a precedent and practical solutions for nearly every new situation we encounter.

A Variety of Industries
Haim Nathaniel Ltd. has accumulated vast experience in international forwarding for a variety of industries, including hi-tech, electronics, automotive (vehicles and parts), light industry, heavy industry, footwear, clothing, food products, toys, raw materials, agriculture and trade shows.

Our World of Contacts
Over the years, the company has built a network of international agents that forward our freight to and from destination points across five continents. Every agent with whom we work has been carefully selected to meet our service standards, giving our customers efficient and reliable service on every corner of the globe.

Nationwide Branch Offices
The company is headquartered in Tel-Aviv. In addition, we also serve our customers through our branch offices at Israel’s ports of entry, at Haifa, Ashdod,
Jerusalem (Jordan river crossings), Lod (Maman at Ben-Gurion airport) and our representative in Eilat. 

       Haim Nathaniel Ltd.  Reliability, Knowledge, a Legacy of Service.
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